5R110 [STAGE 3]


MOTOR TYPE 5R110 6.0/6.4L

The STAGE 3 is ideal for the serious truck tuner. Transmission valve body and pumps upgraded to improve shifting. 5R110 6.0L trans gets a new clutch kit (4140) with carbon pressure plates .

6.4L trucks tuned and deleted will need the DPC HD triple disk converter (choose stage 2 please).

2year Unlimited Mileage Warranty*
Detailed specifications below:

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Sending Core First

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Sending Core Later

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6.0L trucks will receive a factory pan and filter along with a new bypass filter/6.4 truck will receive a factory style pan and filter.

All parts are professionally examined and inspected for proper use.  Transmissions are completely torn down and cleaned in a parts washer at 200°F to remove all contaminants from the case.  Clutches and steel alloys are made to factory thickness for the best heat distribution on the clutch packs; meaning longer lifetime of the transmission.  Pumps and valve bodies built in-house and wear surface areas are machine-polished to prevent cross leaks.

Wyse Auto Repair maintains the highest quality standards.  Many shops will not afford you the same level of service to prevent future problems and protect your investment.

  • Full roller bearing rear planet
  • Featuring a Precision Industries billet cover triple disk torque converter with all new internals
  • Billet input shaft, intermediate shaft, and billet rear hub
  • Deep cast pan for extra strength to keep the case from twisting
  • 5 Overdrive GPZ dual plates, 5 Intermediate GPZ, 5 Forward GPZ, 6 Direct GPZ
  • 2 upgraded snap rings installed and 4140 chromoly pressure plates
  • All new bushings and added bushings installed in high wear areas
  • All new gaskets, seals, and speed sensors
  • Modified pump with upgraded internal parts and modified pump gear
  • Complete tested and calibrated solenoid body
  • New ford center support, along with a modified coast clutch
  • Custom tuning is highly recommended

*Billet parts are not warranty-able

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You may take delivery of our transmissions by In-Store Pickup* or Freight Carrier**.

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**Freight fees for transmissions will be invoiced separately and are due in full prior to shipment.

Core Fee Notice

Transmission cores must be returned to Wyse Auto Repair within 30 days; . As part of the order process, our staff will coordinate with you to schedule a pickup of your old core. Failure to adhere to our core return policy is subject to a $600 fee. By use of this website and any services or products sold by Wyse Auto Repair you explicitly agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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